Rich Skinny Pretty Four-Year Anniversary: Celebrating our Editor and Founder, Fashion Blogger and Style Expert, Nacole Gray

With our four-year anniversary around the corner we thought it would be an appropriate time to celebrate our milestones, favorite collaborations and announce upcoming news. First, we would like to take the time to say thank you to all of you for following RSP over the past four years. You have embraced the concept and "get" the sarcastic undertone. You also appreciate the range of style we feature. We aren't about what our editor is wearing every day. Hence we don't take photos of her outfits day to day as fashion bloggers typically do. Instead we feature a range of style and take an editorial approach by interviewing an array of fashion pros as well as featuring your "everyday" girl.

Gray explains the defining moment she created Rich Skinny Pretty four years ago, "I appreciate and I am inspired by the everyday girl's personal style. While living in Paris, I spent my time admiring the girl who wore vintage duds on the streets of Montmartre while equally adoring the socialites in head-to-toe designer threads at Hotel de Crillon. Even though they were polar opposite from one another and both significantly different from my own personal style, I still appreciated their aesthetic. With that said, that's the point of RSP. I'm not telling you to dress like me nor am I trying to personally inspire you. Instead, I want to present you with a range of style. Some looks you may find too safe or boring, others too trendy and mainstream while others may be too "out there" for you. Either way that's the point. I want this to be a place for you to explore, a place where you can be exposed to style choices, brands, pieces and personal taste that you may have overlooked in the past or ignored and yet you may realize that these looks now resonate with you."

"I think each person has something to embrace, appreciate or respect even if it differs from our personal taste. I will never forget styling a look book for Internet muse reigning supreme, Audrey Kitching. The overall premise was punk meets powder puff. This couldn't be further from my personal style--if you look in my closet you will find a-line skirts, blazers, ruffles and blouses. O.K. there is a lot (like a lot) of black and some leather in all fairness. However, I would classify this as edgy, not punk. Yet, even with my classic and feminine style (with a delicate hint of edge), I loved every second of styling that editorial. That's my definition of fashion and what I want to convey with RSP. It's not all about me or what I like. It's about being able to capture what 'everyone' is doing and being able to tell that me fashion isn't about the idea of being 'Rich, Skinny or Pretty,' that consumes magazines, runways, red carpets and advertisements. Instead it's about the everyday girl and girls who live and breath the industry. So who better to feature? Thank you for listening as I translate that story for you."

So here's our editor's top picks over the past four years...cheers to many more!

1. Ashley's Photo Shoot in Encinitas (Yeah, Vogue magazine shot Rob Machado and Blake Lively two years after this shoot. Inspired by us possibly? Just saying.)

2. Our orginial four girls: Jamie, Kelly, Ashley and Rachael shot at an everyday dive bar and a local favorite destination, The Saloon. (Got to give love to your roots, right?)Read it here: "YOU BELONG TO THE CITY, YOU BELONG TO THE NIGHT."

3. Kelly's first photo shoot. (Kell was voted as our reader's favorite "everyday girl" during our Los Angeles Smashbox Studios "So You Want to Be a Fashion Stylist" giveaway)

She's not about designer labels or celebrity inspiration. She shops what she likes and dances to her own beat. We're assuming that's why the majority of you appreciate her personal style.

Read it here:

4. SD Polo Opening Day Fashion Show and Editorial
The girls getting ready for the show wearing Prada, Viktor&Rolf, Lanvin and Derek Lam. Read it here: "I DON'T CARE WHAT MY TEACHER'S SAY, I'M GOING TO BE A SUPERMODEL, WAIT AND SEE."

5. Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge at WWD MAGIC
Gray with the Brent Bolthouse Event Team at the Loreal Gifting Suite.

6. HUDSON Jeans Blogger Campaign
"I think she has it down. That's why she's with us. She understands fashion, she understands the lifestyle." - Ben Taverniti, Creative Director of HUDSON Jeans 

7. Audrey Kitching Look Book for Coco De Coeur
Gray styled Audrey Kitching and Bebe Zeva for the "American Grunge" campaign photographed on Hollywood Blvd.

8.Wealth TV Style Panelist
Gray provided commentary on Wealth TV's "Behind the Bikini."
9) Sydne Summer, Style Expert of E! News, Extra and Style United featured Gray's style. Summer shares,  "In California, just about every other woman walks down the street in a t-shirt and jean shorts. But it takes a certain type of woman to make the pairing look chic. Nacole Gray has that extra something special. Her trick? Adding classic, feminine pieces to casual staples."

10)  Style Expert and Contributing Writer for 944 magazine

What's next? Nacole Gray is collaborating with Rip Curl on their 2013 Official Blogger Campaign (I mean it makes sense, duh. Born and raised in a small beach town this girl knows a thing or two about's a no brainer.) What else should be on your radar? Gray is developing a style video series with and will be collaborating with her favorite fashion public relations firm, Bollare in Beverly Hills.

Thank you for following, we look forward to what's to come next...
Bisous ♥
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