Interview with L.A. "It" Girl: Brittany Eustis, Nightlife Style Staple and Entertainment Relations Maven, Formerly of Brent Bolthouse Productions

In the Los Angeles party scene? Then you will very well recognize this nightlife staple, Brittany Eustis. Maybe you saw her at the Coachella Neon Festival (yeah, she ran events right under Brent himself at Brent Bolthouse Productions) or maybe you crossed paths with her at an A-list party, either way, you would most definitely remember her if you did. And with good reason. Britt exudes personal styleconfidence, authenticity and has one sexy rock n' roll-meets-Americana look you just can't resist. Want to know more? Of course you do...

Lucky for you, you came to the right place.

What do we want to convey with RSP? It's about being able to capture what the "everday" girl is wearing and being able to tell that us fashion isn't about the idea of being 'Rich, Skinny or Pretty,' that consumes magazines, runways, red carpets and advertisements. Instead it's about the everyday girl and girls who live and breathe the industry. So who better to feature? Get acquainted with Britt right here, plus we even scored a few styling tips. You're welcome!

RSP: Current position? 
Brittany: Awareness/Fundraiser for Wildlife Waystation and Independent- Entertainment Relations/Outreach

RSP: Describe your personal style in three words:
Brittany: Americana, Rock 'n Roll, Tom Boy

Photo by Tony Shanks
RSP: What's your favorite item in your closet right now?
Brittany: My 1979 Rolling Stones Tour T-shirt

RSP: If you could swap closets with anyone, who would it be?
Brittany: Man I really don’t know….Johnny Depp or Ryan Gosling probably?

RSP: Favorite places to shop?
Brittany: Thrift stores, Truck Stops and Barney’s

RSP: What is one personal styling tip you live by?
Brittany: If I think its bang who cares if anyone else likes it.

RSP: Where can we find you out in L.A.? More importantly, what are you wearing when you are there?
Brittany: I'm an east side kinda girl so Los Feliz/Silverlake and I usually dress how I feel so its gonna be a surprise but definitely say hey if ya see me.

RSP: What's in your evening clutch? 
Brittany: Phone, ID, cash (ladies always have $10 on you), credit card, Altoids, and C.O. Bigelow lip balm or Burts Bees

RSP: Now that we know about your personal style, please give our readers a few pointers.

RSP: So, what look do you recommend for a first date?
Brittany: My first date rule is don’t try too hard. Put on something that you feel cute and comfortable in. NO HEELS unless the date calls for it. The dude isn’t asking you out cause he wants a fashion show. Plus its always better to be able to wow him on like the 3rd date. *wink cough wink

RSP: What defines a "night-out" look?
Brittany: Black and Fitted

RSP: Describe a head-to-toe look for an L.A. workday?
Brittany: Chucks, Jeans, Shirt, Hat, Glasses and a Bangarang attitude

RSP: What is your favorite trend of the season and what's the easiest way to incorporate it into everyday style?
Brittany: I'm not a huge trend follower, I tend to lean more towards classic pieces. I find the easiest way to incorporate anything into my everyday style is when I look at a piece and I think “this would go with at least 3 things I have.”

Bisous ♥

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