Editor's Guide to Los Angeles: What to Wear to Chateau Marmont

Work and Play: Tea Party at Chateau Marmont

One of our editor's go-to places in Los Angeles is Chateau Marmont. You can find her in the garden sitting at her favorite table writing for RSP via her lap top and of course, green tea at hand. Sydne Summer of Stye United caught up with Gray on her way to Chateau and featured her head-to-toe ensemble. So, what does Sydne have to say about Gray's look?
"In California, just about every other woman walks down the street in a t-shirt and jean shorts. But it takes a certain type of woman to make the pairing look chic. Nacole Gray has that extra something special. Her trick? Adding classic, feminine pieces to casual staples."

What does one wear for afternoon tea at Chateau? Read on to find out...

Zoe Karssen tee, Joe's jean shorts, Zara blazer, Halston Heritage flats, vintage Chanel handbag, Dogeared necklace and Kate Spade layered bracelets.

Gray's style?
Classic and feminine with a hint of edge.

Want to know more about Nacole Gray? I-Ella has featured Whitney Port and Minnie Muse to name a few. Who else? Our founder and editor, of course! Here's a few excerpts from the interview...

RSP: Describe your personal style.
Nacole: The dichotomy of my style is almost a contradiction. I'm a born and raised Southern California girl; however, I have equally been inspired by Paris while studying abroad. Both influences have created my constant evolving style. My California-casual feminine style consists of flats, flowy dresses, ruffled blouses and A-line skirts. However, you will also find my closet juxtaposed with  more structured, darker and edgier items like blazers, leather jackets, high-waisted pencil skirts, skinny denim, black leggings, textured tights and 6-inch pumps -- the taller, the better in my book.

I'm really all about a clean aesthetic and I am drawn to neutrals, mostly black. I'm not huge on color; however, depending on my mood, you might just find me in something deviating from the norm. I'm not big on prints or patterns either. I really am into simplicity, I guess. However, I like to play with accessories; i.e. over-sized cocktail rings or layering bracelets are a usual staple in creating my signature look.
I-ELLA: If you were not a blogger, you would be _____.
Nacole: A career in astrophysics totally makes sense.

I-ELLA: Who or what inspires you on a daily basis?
Nacole: After living in Paris during college, I was influenced by the major style influentials. I look to Emmanuelle Alt and Clemence Poesy for style inspiration. It just doesn't get better for me than them. I love their mixture of femininity, sophistication and edge. They have mastered chic and classic yet they always add a subtle hint of sexiness which I love.

I-ELLA: If you could raid anyone's closet, past or present, whose would it be?
Nacole: Emmanuelle [Alt] -- I will be over in ten, OK? Thanks!

Or I could do some damage with just a few hours in Olivia Palermo's closet. Wouldn't mind snagging her Mulberry Alexa handbag.

I-ELLA: What's next?
Nacole: I of course have ambitions, but I don't ultimately know where life is going to take me next. NYC? Paris again? Or who I will be collaborating with … the stuff of my dreams would include the following: Zac Posen, Phillip Lim, Karl Lagerfield and Isabel Marant. Only if I knew; but isn't that the beauty of it all?

Bisous ♥

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