Personal Style Interview: Lauren Brokaw and Lindsey Lerman of Stella and Bow

Pssst....guess what? I found the most amazing jewelry line and lucky for you, I'm not just keeping it to myself. I recently discovered Stella and Bow and I am already having a borderline obsession with its savvy mix of tones and textures. The ladies behind the designs know a thing or two since they both hail from celebrity families and are no stranger to the red carpet and front row. Surrounded and influenced by the heavy hitters in fashion and entertainment (Lauren's father is Norman Brokaw of the William Morris Agency and Lindsey's brother is actor Logan Lerman), it's no wonder these two have an innate eye when it comes to fashion. Born and raised in Beverly Hills, both have set the standard for trendsetters in Los Angeles. You might have seen Brokaw around town at A-List events covering style for the highly popular Daily Truffle and now the duo teamed to design a perfect assortment of confections just for you.

L.A.'s "It" girls ensure that your jewelry box is fitted with a muse-worthy mix of bijoux. With their exceptional eye for trends and matched affinity for a classic aesthetic, Brokaw and Lerman have perfected the intersection of uptown chic and downtown cool. These A-Listers are giving everyday girls a taste of luxury. The best part? The line is budget friendly.

Rich Skinny Pretty gets the exclusive on the line as the girls dish on their personal style and give the skinny on Stella and Bow. Their line delivers allure, charm and is the ultimate in versatility. You can spot them dashing from afternoon meetings to evening cocktails without every missing a step. Of course, with Brokaw adorning the Cassat earrings while Lerman layers the Bazille necklace. You can thank me later for the intro...

Editor's Tip: Wear their pieces with a loose topknot and red lip from the office to upcoming holiday fetes.

RSP: What is your position in the fashion industry? 
Lindsey and Lauren: Stella and Bow is an emerging jewelry company. We wanted to offer quality accessories that wouldn’t rust or tarnish but still be at an affordable price. You don’t have to sacrifice quality or style for affordability!

RSP: What kind of girl shops Stella & Bow?

Lindsey and Lauren: We don’t have a set demo. There is something for everyone.

RSP: What are your favorite pieces from the collection? 

Lindsey: I love the Bazille necklace! It goes with everything and I wear it all the time.

Lauren: I love the Cassatt earrings! They are super comfy and i haven’t taken them out in years! That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I rarely ever take them out!

RSP: What influences your line?
Lindsey and Lauren: A little bit of everything. It really depends on the season and what’s going on in our lives. There’s inspiration everywhere you look and we love being able to translate that into jewelry.

RSP: How do you personally style accessories? Minimal? Less is more or never too much? etc.
Lauren: It really depends on your mood, but I don’t think there is ever too much! But it’s still subtle.
Lindsey: I’m pretty moderate/a minimalist. My style is very classic, so I wear a lot of pieces but it never looks like it.

RSP: Describe Stella & Bow in three words: 
Lauren and Lindsay: Modern, quality, timeless.

RSP: What can we find in your closet right now?

Lauren: Motorcycle ankle booties. Vintage rock tees. Babydoll dresses. Leather bomber jackets.
Lindsey:  Tons of cozy sweaters and jeans.

RSP: Describe your personal style?

Lauren: Girly and dainty with rocker edge.
Lindsey: Classic and chic.

RSP: Favorite places to shop? 

Lauren and Lindsay: Urban Outfitters, Reformation, Forever21, Barneys, Brandy Melville, Zara and Topshop.

RSP: What is one personal styling tip you live by?
Lauren: High-low fashion.
Lindsey: Classic looks. More sophisticated and simple pieces. Classic and clean lines.

RSP: Brands for a night out in L.A.? Brands for a day at the office?
Lauren: Chaser tee, black leggings and ballet flats or Isabel Marant booties.  Lindsey:  Workout clothes in the day or jeans and a sweater. ---- Nights, jeans and a sweater still.
Lauren: For night, I opt for a Helmut Lang leather jacket and maybe a dress, depends on my mood.

RSP: What's in your evening clutch?
Lindsey: I wear cross body bags; phone, keys, wallet, Nars eye liner and Buxom lipsticks.
Lauren: Stila or Nars lipgloss, phone, card case, keys, $20 bill.
RSP: Drink of choice?
Lauren: Vodka soda with 3 limes
Lindsey:  Dark and Stormy.

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