Don't let the name fool you, RichSkinnyPretty.com gives you an inside look at the closets of real girls plus delivers exclusive personal style interviews with fashion industry pros. What do we want to convey with RSP? It's about being able to capture what the "everday" girl is wearing and being able to tell that story...to us fashion isn't about the idea of being 'Rich, Skinny or Pretty,' that consumes magazines, runways, red carpets and advertisements. Instead it's about the everyday girl and girls who live and breathe the industry. 

So who better to feature?

If you haven't figured it out yet, RSP isn't actually about being rich, skinny or pretty. In fact, if you are one of the bright crayons in the crayon box you might have noticed that we here at RSP appreciate a range of style. That's why we have featured everything from your trendy, label-loving, Neiman-Marcus-shopping girly girl to your eclectic, thrift-store perusing, vintage-inspired hipster and with that said, everything in between.

Contact Nacole: Nacole@RichSkinnyPretty.com for press and inquires.

All photography by Elizabeth Thurston and Brett Siegel unless otherwise stated. SiegelThurston.com

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