Cross My Heart: Style Interview with Brittany Balyn of StyleHaul

If you have caught on, you would have realized that we really do feature everyday girls with everyday style. Yesterday it was a Christian-Louboutin-loving and Tom-Ford-lip-stick-wearing Bergdorf devotee. Today it's a Nasty-Gal-shopping, lavendar-hair-coloring and Jeffrey-Campbell strutting-girly girl. We told you that we feature extreme opposites and with that said, everything in between.

Who's our pick today?
Meet Brittany Bayln, vlogger for StyleHaul. Here's what you need to know:

RSP: Why do you personally recommend StyleHaul to the everyday girl? Why can it help?
Brittany: I absolutely love the LEAF videos on StyleHaul, they are creative, quick, and cute!

RSP: Style influence? Runway? Celebrity? Icons in the industry? Muses? Models?
Brittany: I try to pull inspiration from everywhere- all of the above listed. It changes all the time but my two current favorites this past month have been One of Each Blog and Spells Jewellery.

RSP: Describe your look in three words:
Brittany: Pale, Dark, Lavender.

RSP: What is your most prized fashion possession?
Brittany: I don't know what I would do without my JC Lana's- they are comfy yet still make me tall!

RSP: What makes you tick?
Brittany: Iced Coffee and Kind/Caring People.

RSP: Favorite places to shop?
Brittany: NastyGal, Tobi, Romwe, SoleStruck, Brandy Melville, Topshop, Asos, and discount stores (I love a good deal).

RSP: Lip skincare:
Brittany: This may be odd, but when I brush my teeth I brush my lips to exfoliate. Also any and all chapstick 24/7.

RSP: Brands from head-to-toe?
Brittany: If I had to pick one for each body part Pureology for washing hair, Pravana for hair dye, Amore Pacific for skin, MAC for Eye and Lips, Laura Mercier for face, NastyGal for Clothes, JC for shoes, Mr. Kate for arm candy, and finally Michael Kors for my signature scent.

RSP: What's in your evening clutch?
Brittany: Right now? Can be seen here.

RSP: Drink of choice?
The ABC Drink- Freshly made Apple, Beet, & Carrot.
Or if alcoholic- Mimosa, Bellini, or Moscow Mule


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