Music Meets Fashion: Exclusive Interview with Marylouise Pels and Vanessa Giovacchini of Posso Universe (and Style Tips!)

I'm going to be honest with you...if you are boring, you probably wont be able to keep up with the power DJ and fashion designer duo, Posso Universe. Just telling you now.

These luminaries of fashion and music are highly regarded and with good reason. They have recently graced the cover of Nylon Singapore magazine, have designed two Volcom capsule collections and played at New York Fashion Week and the Pacific Festival to name a few. Best part? They have been best friends since high school. You want to be friends with them too, don't lie.

This is what you need to know:

Hot babes. Check.
DJs. Check.
Fashion designers. Check
Talented. Check.
Stylish. Check.
Authentic. Check
I want to be them. Check.

They should most definitely be on your radar and if they aren't just as of yet, well then, you can thank me for the intro.

I spent an afternoon with these little firecrackers for an exclusive interview over tea at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills...

As always, leave it to me to ask the hard-hitting questions. We dished on what exactly defines their personal style, party girl advice, what their wearing head-to-toe at this very moment and of course, what's in their bag. Plus, as always, I nabbed a few styling tips just for you.

Bonus? Their highly anticipated first official track release "So High" is available today exclusively on Beatport!
Play it loud, play it real loud. I'm thinking you could listen to this jam as you're applying your lip gloss, nail art and fake eyelashes before you hit the club. Sounds about right, no?

All right, so this is what the girls have to say...

RSP: Favorite show/venue?
Marylouise and Vanessa: Voyeur and Wholy Ship three-day cruise in Bahamas

RSP: Who would you like to collaborate within the music world?
Marylouise and Vanessa: Party Favor and Bingo Players/Tommy Trash

RSP: What are you working on now/up and coming shows?
Marylouise and Vanessa: Working on EP and working with Party Favor

RSP: Where can we find you in LA? (dinner, nightclub or lounge)
Marylouise and Vanessa: We love dining at Yxta for mexican, brunch at Cliff's Edge, wine bar down the street and our friend's house

RSP: Drink of choice?
Marylouise and Vanessa: These days Veuve champagne and tequila

RSP: What's in your bag today?
Sara Scott handbag
JBL micro-wireless speakers
iPhone 5
Smashbox Reflection high-shine gloss
Tom Ford Black Orchid perfume

RSP: How does music inspire your personal style?

Marylouise and Vanessa: People ask us that all the time "how does your music meet your fashion?" We've always been interested in fashion as way to express
ourselves and who we are, but when you compare fashion to dance music
culture there is actually a very basic similarity...both are very much
run by popular trends and both will always have a reemergence of
classic sounds or classic looks when the trend is exhausted. Music is
an intangible art form it is naturally more dynamic, but in terms of
how both are always in a constant flux of expression, they are really
similar and equally fascinating. Hearing a new song you love, whether
you're a DJ or not can reset your mood instantly, upping your swag,
inspiring you to try on a new look. What a fantastic fucking cycle.

RSP: Personal style influenced by:
Marylouise and Vanessa: 
Our friend's creations, always vintage shopping and travel. Right now
we're really into Korean street style.

You might be wondering what the ladies wore for an afternoon of tea...

RSP: Brands head-to-toe today?
Miu Miu booties
Layered maroon tights and fish nets
Topshop mini dress
Brandless jacket (nabbed it while I was in Seoul Korea) 
Jeffry Campbell boots
Black tights
Vatanika shorts (from Bangkok fashion week)
Leather peplum top
Cassandra Robbins jacket

RSP: Define your style in three words:
Marylouise and Vanessa:  Vintage, chic, sexy

RSP: If you could "borrow" a closet whose would it be?
Marylouise and Vanessa: Erin Wasson, Daphne Guinness and Lady Gaga

RSP: Favorite stores to shop in LA? 
Marylouise and Vanessa:  Wasteland, Opening Ceremony or friend's closets

RSP: Which designer/brand would you like to work with next?
Marylouise and Vanessa: We're in talks....

Tips for RSP readers:

RSP: What should a girl wear on a first date?
Marylouise and Vanessa:  A go-to piece that makes you feel sexy and yourself. Don't overdress instead have your hair and makeup on point, you'll be ready for any occasion and feel chic.

RSP: Key item for winter:
Marylouise and Vanessa: 
Layering is key. Fishnets layered under everything. Chic coats and jackets for layering.

RSP: Since you are a staple in nightlife, you have seen the good, the bad and thee ugly. Party-girl advice?

Marylouise and Vanessa:  "Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together.” - Elizabeth Taylor.  

RSP: We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

 Bisous ♥ 

                           inspired by their style? try these booties...                               

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