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I've said it before and I will say it again, RSP isn't about your typical Rich, Skinny and Pretty Paris Hilton wannabe. Instead it's about everyday women and everyday style. In addition to featuring girls just like you and me, RSP delivers exclusive style interviews with the women making power moves in the fashion industry. That's right, the ladies who are making things happen. That includes publicists, photographers, stylists, designers, bloggers, models and basically anyone else that I find fascinating enough to share with you. (Pictured above: Mele Vasquez, model. Audrey Kitching, blogger and designer. Bebe Zeva, blogger. All have been featured on RSP. Look through the archives to read the exclusive interviews).

So without further ado, this week I'm introducing you to Erica Lynn of FashionLushxx. This little style powerhouse is on her way to big and better things so go ahead and thank your lucky stars for the introduction. So if you don't know, now you know...

Meet Erica
RSP: What can we find in your closet?

Erica: Oh lala this is fun. Lots of vintage, worn in harley and elvis tees, shoes out the ying yang... all in plastic boxes with photo's on each box (ocd much?). Vintage designer purses, way more character in my eyes- mostly vintage Gucci, Chanel, & Louis. I love jackets as well, I just scored the most amazing BCBG worn in denim jacket with leather sleeves. My other favorite jacket is a downsized military jacket (army print) with an asymmetrical cut. I could go on forever with this. Basically I have more clothes than what is sane and I don't like to get rid of anything because it will either a) come back in style or b) I will reconstruct into something awesome and more wearable.

RSP: Describe your overall look.

Erica: I can best describe it as this... I like to sleep in. That being said, unless I decide to pick out my outfit the night before... which I do not do, then I would say my look is most likely messy yet ironically put together. I don't concentrate on matching, or what looks cohesive.... BUT it all just sort of works... and I always wear heels. I wouldn't say I walk out of the house looking like a complete mess, I guess they would call it careless chic?

RSP: Favorite designers?

Erica: As for designers... I am a huge fan of Phillip Lim, I love his spring line, referred to as the "puzzle piece" collection. It is so innovative and leaves a lot of room for creativity (not to mention he also graduated from CSULB). Props. Another big one for me is Chanel, I adore Karl.... I don't even need to think I need to expand on that one. Kermit Tesoro is a recent obsession of mine, you need to look this one up, his skull carved shoes and his wax drip dress are delicious. Lastly, I am a huge mk&a fan, all the way back to good old full house, so I got to say I am a huge fan of Elizabeth & James. The close have the best cuts and lines, and the fit is absolutely impeccably... yet could you really expect less from those two?
p.s. one more thing I am a huge shoe fan and I got to give Jeffrey Campbell props, he is the man. Ok, now I am done (sorry for le rant)

RSP: What is the biggest TREND or MUST- HAVE ITEM for fall?

Erica: Sky high CHUNKY heels (think Jeffrey Campbell Lita). I love heels but I am just over stilettos (for now) Wedges are also completely acceptable in my eyes. I also love knee high socks for fall, you can still wear a mini without looking under dressed. Another trend which is not yet recognized, but should be is flared jeggings... or flared leggings. Straight jeans/pants are out. The new silhouettes is skinny skinny leg and a big old flare. I actually designed a pair myself that are black and white Missoni inspired fabric... and if I could wear them everyday... I def would.

RSP: What is your most prized fashion possession?

Erica: Well this one is hard, cause- not to boast- have some great things in my closet. Yet since I have to pick just one I will go with my Chanel riding boots from the 70's.

Shop Erica's designs here .
Bisous ♥

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