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Before graduating from a top tier university with both department and university honors with a degree in Communication, Nacole spent her last quarter abroad living in Paris. Beyond Fashion Week, beyond the haute couture, beyond Faubourg Saint-Honore, it was the street style that inspired her most. She gained experience at a fashion and luxury lifestyle magazine, a luxury handbag line with the likes of Mischa Barton and Lauren Conrad adorning the bags as well as assisted a local reverent fashion stylist and helped coordinate several events since her return from Paris. Her obscene love for everything fashion, branding and PR in the fashion and luxury world, led her to create
Currently, Gray is a fashion copywriter for a global brand in addition to RSP.

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Who influences your personal style?
Emmanuelle Alt and Carine Roitfeld.
What are you wearing?
Born and raised a Southern California girl, she is influenced by her native small beach town filled with sunny days, sun tan lotion, bikinis and salty ocean-tasseled wavy hair. Casual and simple pieces, frocks and sheaths, always paired with bold accessories and bronzed skin describes her everyday look. “Almost contradictory of my California casual feminine style of flowy dresses, ruffled blouses and a-line skirts, I love to wear structured and darker/edgier pieces like blazers, leather jackets, skinny jeans or black leggings with 5-inch pumps or gladiator heels. I definitely have been influenced by the sophistication and très chic style of Paris. It really depends on my mood and the occasion. If it’s champagne brunch or a day of shopping it calls for a simple & loose-fitting dress for our warm California weather, while I will opt for a black leather jacket or blazer and skinny denim for a night out.”

Fave designers?
“I heart Zac Posen and absolutely adore Erin Fetherston and Isabel Morant. I also love Galliono, Givenchy and Balanciaga. I honestly do NOT know anyone who does not LOVE what Christophe Decamin is doing with Balmain. With his 'tough chic, body skimming, thigh grazing designs,' who isn’t swooning? Just make sure you have the gams for these ultra-minis."

Your closet?

“My closet is filled with basic pieces, lots of neutrals and a few patterns. I personally like to take simple basics and dress them up with expressive accessories. I have fun with tights, handbags, clutches, jewelry, hats, sunglasses, scarves, etc. For shoes, I love Miu Miu and George Maoles flats, YSL super tall platforms and Marc Jacobs pumps. Layering bracelets has become quite an obsession of mine and a great deal of my spare time has become dedicated to shopping, bargain hunting and searching for more to add to my collection. Travels in Europe and pieces handed down to me or given as gifts have added tremendously to my array of bracelets. One of my most prized possessions is a simple leather bracelet with a gold clasp that I found in a small jewelry shop in Paris. Love, Love, Love. Whenever I wear it, I am reminded of my favorite city.”

All I can say is PLEASE DO NOT wear something head-to-toe just because the latest fashion muse or celeb of the moment did!! Of course, be inspired by celebrities, the runways, the glossy pages of magazines, but do not let that define you. Do not copy a look, but let it inspire you by incorporating specific pieces into your OWN style.

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