How-to-Dress Like a Hot Babe Hollywood DJ: Top Five Fashion Moments of Posso Universe with a Major Bonus! Download their New Track, "Old Man."

While living in Los Angeles over the past two years I have met a range of fashion influencers to say the very least. I have been inspired by models, designers, publicists, bloggers, stylists and editors. In return, I have created a running mental list of my personal favorite influencers. With that said, LA-based fashion designers, Marylouise Pels and Vanessa Giovacchini of the DJ Duo, Posso Universe are on the top of that list. Why? The ladies take risks, they pair unexpected pieces and most importantly, they have honed in on their individual style which in return has translated into their original and authentic well-defined look. They have graced the cover of Nylon magazine and are consistently dressed to the nines for their live sets in San Diego, Hollywood and Vegas. In fact, you might have just caught them in action at EDC. Hopefully you had a chance to read my exclusive interview with the babes earlier this year. With today as Vanessa's birthday, what a better time to celebrate their top five style moments? Ever wonder how to dress like a hot babe Hollywood DJ? Take notes ladies. Crop tops, high-waisted skirts, baseball caps, detailed belts and of course, bright nail art, are in order.

Here's my top five moments.

Major bonus? The ladies just dropped their new track, "Old Man" with Remy Le Duc. Originally recorded by these two hot babes on their grand piano at home, the track brings together their love of the blues and rock. Of course, leave it to POSSO to transform it into a nasty dance banger. In a dance world dominated by cheeseball prog-house style vocals, their penchant for the blues brings some poetic real talk to the dance floor.

Download it for free here. Listen to it next time you are styling yourself for your next night out. Trust me, you will get inspiration for your cool LA girl look.

Bisous ♥

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