"So rich, so pretty." - Mickey Avalon


RichSkinnyPretty.com gives you an inside look at the closets of real girls plus delivers exclusive personal style interviews with fashion industry professionals. Find out what the power players are wearing from their coffee runs to front row.


If you haven't figured it out yet, Rich Skinny Pretty isn't actually about being rich, skinny or pretty. In fact, if you are one of the bright crayons in the crayon box you might have noticed that we here at RSP appreciate a range of style. That's why we have featured everything from your trendy, label-loving, Neiman Marcus shopping girly girl to your eclectic, thrift-store perusing, vintage-inspired hipster and with that said, everything in between.

In addition to featuring girls just like you and me, RSP delivers exclusive style interviews with the ladies who are making things happen. This includes publicists, photographers, stylists, designers, bloggers, models and basically anyone else that we find fascinating enough to share with you.


Style is not only found on the runways of Paris, the A-List parties in New York, or on the red carpets of LA. It’s found all around you - at your local coffee shop or dive bar. Style is in our everyday lives, with everyday people.

Our society is consumed and captivated by this idea of “Rich, Skinny, Pretty”. The media and society interchangeably work together to create these ideologies, and unfortunately we are all part of this cycle. We are addicted to reading Us Weekly and Star, and making a date with girlfriends to watch reality shows like “The Hills” and “The Real Housewives of…somewhere affluent.” All drama aside, aren’t we watching these shows and reading these magazines just to see what the women are wearing?

We cross the defining borders of rich, skinny, and pretty. This is not about celebrities and socialites. It’s about real women,women with 9-5 jobs, with realistic closets and realistic budgets. Remember those women?

At RSP, you will find a range of different styles and looks - some you might find too boring or safe, others you might find too quirky or trendy. Either way, that’s the point. We don't focus on specific genres of style, nor pay attention to trends or brands catering to a specific demographic or budget. Let RSP be a place to inspire you...


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  1. Wonderful pics.Ray-ban sunglasses is wow .. !!