Inside the Showroom: With Fashion Designer of Tristan + Trista Los Angeles

Once again leave it to RichSkinnyPretty.com to nab an exclusive interview with a fashion industry favorite, Kristine Megrikian. This style darling is the vision and designer behind tristan + trista Los Angeles. Megrikian keeps the line ultra-femme with romantic, ethereal and tailored avant garde pieces. What makes the collection such a hot ticket? tristan + trista mixes contrasting textures such as draped silks with tough leather. Va va voom, now we're talking my kind of style.

RSP: What should we know about tristan + trista? What kind of woman wears t
ristan + trista?
Kristine: As the designer, each collection is a direct reflection of periods in my personal life and I am quite certain periods of every woman's life. At times, she is in love where she sees the world in a very romanticized manner. The Spring 2011 reflects this period in my own personal life. Hence, I felt the need to show the purity of being in love, the feeling of complete innocence. At other times, she might feel more self confident and assertive which is a reflection of Fall 2011. The pieces in this collection are more edgier, stronger, and the woman wearing the pieces is confident with her sexuality and femininity figuratively speaking. Whatever the mood, the line is meant to show the beauty of what it is to be a woman. Hence the woman wearing tristan + trista isn't afraid to wear her life on her sleeve. She welcomes life and she isn't shy to wear clothing that reflects her mood since isn't it true we dress according to how we feel?
RSP: Which piece is your favorite from the tristan + trista Spring/Summer collection?
Kristine: The "Tulip Skirt" is pure heaven! Pictures do not do justice to how ethereal and mystical this piece looks in person. It is truly a piece of art. It's so delicate. It screams innocence, romance and love in its purest sense.
RSP: Describe your personal style in three words...
Kristine: Romantic, Intelligent and Classic
RSP: What is the biggest must-have for summer?
Kristine: The Baby Doll Dress is the must must have for the summer. The dress comes in two version: Sand Linen with black over lay lace or white silk linen with a distressed silk organza overlay. Either one is the ultimate must have cute flirty dress for the summer.
RSP: What is your most prized fashion possession?
Kristine: A personal secret - I treasure the custom pieces made for me by my mother and grandmther for special periods in my life. The first is my sweet 16 gown completely haute couture. Very much like a doll dress, the top is a bustier with a short puffy skirt all made from ivory french lace and silk satin. The second is my prom gown designed by myself. Also haute couture, this dress is ivory again. Also fitted bodice with hand beading by my grandmother and a ballerina tutu skirt. I looked so adorable, one of the deans during prom walked up to me and gave me a wand with a star on the top since I looked like a fairy. Needless to say, my date and I made it into the prom magazine with a large photo. Last but not least would be my wedding gown; still to be determined =). I plan on one day displaying these prized possession in my home or studio.
RSP: What can we find in your closet? (Please include specific items, accessories, brands, favorite pieces etc)
Kristine: Alot of my own personal pieces only because I don't have to go out and spend money which leaves me with cash to spend on the Christian Louboutins =).

Bisous ♥

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