"She falls somewhere in between Levi's and Vogue Magazine. She doesn't paint on her face but what she does she does with taste," - Sammy Hagar

Vogue. Vogue magazine. A mixture of Carrie Bradshaw explaining how she would buy Vogue instead of dinner because she found that it fed her more combined with memories of early mornings eagerly rushing to the magazine stand on the way to school to pick up French Vogue while living abroad in Paris, all come into mind immediately. Why you ask am I so heavily contemplating the renowned publication? Well let me explain...
Esteemed Vogue European Editor at Large Hamish Bowels, legendary photographer Mario Testino and of-the-moment Blake Lively were all recently galavanting around my hometown, well actually they were working, but I am sure they were enjoying every moment of it! My beloved Cardiff-by-the-Sea and Encinitas is featured in this month's edition of Vogue magazine, yes you heard me right, Vogue. I told you all not to underestimate little old San Diego! I guess Encinitas is catching on - but hey don't forget where you heard about our style first ;)
You have to imagine my excitement as I turned the glossy pages to see Blake Lively strutting the streets of Cardiff-by-the-Sea with local Rob Machado and posing for the cover at high-school favorite locale to layout with girlfriends while checking out cute surfer boys, Moonlight Beach. Well, geez, Moon Light Beach has taken on quite a new meaning. One of my favorite shots is of Blake enjoying a carrot smoothie at one of my all-time favorite breakfast spots, Swami's Cafe. Pretty crazy, right?If you know fashion, then you know that Vogue is it. Well, other fashion bibles like Women's Wear Daily, the fashion section of the New York Times and Harper's Bazaar Runway Report are all serious musts but Vogue is on the top of my list. Anyways, the idea of Vogue scouting my hometown to play the complimentary background for "the true California girl at heart" Blake Lively's 10 page spread is simply surreal.
A few of my favorite fashion moments include the Versace white-leather dress that gives the body-con trend a cleaner-looking reboot, the Hervé Léger by Max Azria bandage slit dress and the Calvin Klein Collection silk-knit long-sleeved sexy little number.
Make sure to pick up this June's Vogue if you haven't already and in the mean time take a look at Vogue.com Video Diaries to get a behind the scenes look at Blake's photo shoot in San Diego and a better glimpse of my not so sleepy beach town. If you didn't get your San Diego fashion fix from the mag, you know where to come! All photos courtesy of Vogue.com.
Nacole Gray

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