"So rich, so pretty," - Mickey Avalon

(Up, up and away at The Ivy Hotel)
About RichSkinnyPretty.com
RichSkinnyPretty.com is a fashion blog that displays individual style, highlights fashion trends, influential fashion designers and features must-have brands.
Style is in our everyday lives, with everyday people.
Be inspired.

A FORUM TO DISPLAY INDIVIDUAL STYLE…It is NOT about being RICH, SKINNY or PRETTY. Instead, it’s about individual style no matter what your budget is or what size you are. This is about everyday people. How many times have you seen someone and wondered “Where did she get that?” or “What brand is that?”
Meet Kelly, Rachael, Ashely and Jamie of RichSkinnyPretty.com and find out what is in their closet and what they are wearing every week!

Whether you think you’re “Rich, Skinny and Pretty,” and thought “OMG I found a site just for me!” or whether you were offended by the superficial name, either way darlings, you are reading this now, aren’t you? So, now that you’re here, at least give it a chance...

Photography courtesy of Elizabeth Thurston and flyer by Matt Misner of M3 Design.
I get it, most of you just want to see the photos and see style NOT read about it. But hey, I swear it's worth it to take a minute and to read more About RichSkinnyPretty.com. Just click the link on the right...
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