Style Profile: Hensi Morris of Lipstick Sister

All you need is lipstick...

It only took a month of living in L.A. to hear about the invite-only group, Lipstick Sister. I was immediately intrigued after I was invited to attend a dinner with the ladies at Chateau Marmont. Who are they? An exclusive mix of power players in Los Angeles...all women, all entrepreneurs. I am usually turned off by this sort of thing, I just am. However, this specific group appealed to me. All ambitious and talented women who actually support one another and their endeavors...I am into that.

Meet the woman who defines the essence of a Lipstick Sister...president and founder, Hensi Morris. She exudes confidence, elegance and grace. She ensures that us girls stick together and I applaud her efforts. In this city, you feel jealousy and envy at every turn. However, with Hensi, you feel supported, uplifted and encouraged. This might sound borderline cheesy, however it is true. She has successfully cultivated a group of women with admirable qualities and characteristics.

Now let's talk Hensi's style. Her feminine allure teamed with playful accents ensure that you can't help but notice her. She effortlessly commands attention from one event to the next with front row-worthy looks.  Now find out what she pairs with her Prada dresses and Louis Vuitton...

RSP: How does your personal style play into your career as CEO of Lipstick Sister?
Hensi: With Lipstick Sister we are big on promoting Femininity, a Lipstick Sister is confident, sweet, funny, a sexy version of the girl next door! So my style is very much like that, girly and classy.

RSP: Style influence?
Hensi: My idol is Grace Kelly, I really just love how she carried herself with so much elegance and poise and always looked perfect, for me Victoria Beckham is my modern version of her, because she always looks impeccable and she is very classy and tailored! I was so thrilled when she started her own clothing line.  Chanel is by far my favorite runway look, again I always go back to the classics. Not that I don't think I call pull off the super sexy and funky it's just not who I am LOL

RSP: Describe your look in three words:
Hensi: Classy, Sexy, Feminine

RSP: What is your most prized fashion possession?
Hensi: My Loui V's my grandmother and mother have worn Louis Vuitton since I can remember, I bought my first tear drop bag when I was 23 in NY and I remember my friends asking me why I was wearing an old lady hand bag! haha That tells you how old I must be LOL

RSP: Favorite places to shop?
Hensi: Robertson Blvd and Rodeo Drive

RSP: Lip balm flavor?  

Hensi: Strawberry! Yuuuuuuuum

RSP: Brands from head-to-toe?
Hensi: I am only really a brand girl when it comes to hand bags and accessories, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Chanel, Tom Ford. Everything else I don't care as long as it looks good and I feel great wearing it!
RSP: What's in your evening clutch?

Hensi: Lips gloss, is A MUST!! I love glossy lips! My cell phone, Michael Kors travel size perfume and ID and Credit Card.
RSP: Where can we find you in LA?

Hensi: I frequent the same places all the time, Cecconi's, AGO, Culina, E. Baldi. Notice they are all restaurants? I love food!

RSP: Drink of choice?
Hensi: Grey Goose dirty martini, sorry my mouth just watered!! hahaha

Bisous ♥
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  1. Love hearing stories of successful women in business!!

  2. Congrats Hensi! You are truly an amazing and beautiful person inside and out! Thanks for creating such an incredible group of inspiring women. I'm proud to be a Lipstick Sister :) xo