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My new borderline obsession? ODYLYNE clothing is both alluring and romantic. I have fallen in had me at romantic but with a combination of vintage, bohemian and whimsical I just cannot resist. And guess who got an exclusive interview with the designer, Stephanie Lampkin? Find out all you could ever want to know right here. While you lust over her collection you also will find out what's in her closet, her affinity for kimono's and get introduced to her lovable chihuahua Nacho. That's right, Nacho.

RSP: What should we know about Odylyne? What kind of women wears Odylyne?

Stephanie: The thing you should know about ODYLYNE is that we are committed to making every girl feel really pretty and sexy without showing too much skin...or giving too much away. We love styles from the past and we think that the woman from the past understood quality over quantity.

The woman that wears ODYLYNE understands vintage and styles from the past. Loves to walk in a room and have people glare at her as if she is goddess. She loves the flow and drape of fabric on her skin.

RSP: Which piece is your favorite from the Odylyne Fall collection?

Stephanie: That is a hard question but I would have to say the Night Heron Dress is my personal favorite dress. It literally fits everyone AND looks good on everyone! Its like the magic dress! It's one of our best sellers too.

RSP: Describe your personal style in three words...


RSP: What is the biggest must-have for winter?

Stephanie: My biggest must have for Winter is my over the knee boots by Chloe in Whiskey. I love them and they go with every outfit I have. A definite must for Fall with a nice chunky scarf! I'm knitting so I am crazy about making chunky scarves in Baby Alpaca yarn. So soft and cozy!

RSP: What is your most prized fashion possession?

That could be a trick question!! But my most prized possession would be little dog Nacho. He is the cutest Chihuahua of them all!!! Okay, besides my dog...I would have to say my engagement ring. It is six separate vintage rings stacked together. Every time I look at it, I melt.

RSP: What can we find in your closet? (Please include specific items, accessories, brands, favorite pieces etc)

Stephanie: You can find vintage pieces like wrap dresses, silk blouses, and robe jackets from my favorites brands like Diane Von Furstenburg and Christian Dior. I just purchased an amazing vintage batwing jacket from Donna Karen...probably from the 80's. I am obsessed with it!

I also collect kimonos. All kinds! I love the all the Japanese prints they come in.
My new favorite accessory that I can't live without now is my Hermes Collier de Chien Cuff Bracelet. I've been wanting this bracelet for some time and it's my new favorite accessory! Toughens up any outfit. I also have this gold vintage necklace with a old vintage key at the end. It's chunky and is the perfect necklace for all my solid color dresses.
I am in love with my Jeffrey Campbell Platform and Platform Boots. They are so comfortable and give you the height you need!

Nacole Gray


  1. Gorgeous photos and clothes...soft and fem. Makes me wish summer were here!