"I've been sleeping for forty days and yeah, I know that I'm sleeping cause this dream's too amazing" - Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

Meet Rachael
RSP: Favorite things…in general?
Rach: Happy hour with the girls, the beach, lip gloss, hot boys, yoga and candy.

RSP: What are you drinking?
Rach: Wine wine wine.

RSP: New or Used?
Rach: New.

RSP: Most recent purchases?
Rach: Chanel sunglasses.

RSP: What are a few of your vices?
Rach: Candy…um Sweet Factory for sure. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream too! Yum.

Rachael is wearing a Romeo & Juliet Couture jacket and H & M cap.
American Apparel tank and Victoria Secret jumper.
Jessica Simpson tights and Penny Loves Kenny boots.
Bracelets from Barcelona, Betsey Johnson ring and leather wrap bracelet from Paris.
Dog Eared necklace and Forever 21 necklace.

Love her style? Find out more about Rachael. Photography by Elizabeth Thurston and Brett Siegel.



  1. Those boots are pretty friggin fabulous!

  2. Like the boots. I love the background, the jacket, the accessories, and Rachael is gorgeous. Love this blog. Please stop by at my blog sometime. xo I am from New Zealand by the way

  3. Love her style! The boots are rad & totally digging the inverted fishnets.

  4. Thank you for the comments! I personally LOVE the boots and always think fishnets are a must! Katie - I will stop by your blog asap. xo