Home for the Holidays: Ice Cream Pedicure at Leu Leu Beauty Bar

I headed home for the holidays, back to my small beach-town roots in Cardiff by the Sea. Haven't heard of it? Vogue shot a spread and cover with Blake Lively in this very town...if it's on Wintour's radar, it should be on yours too. First stop? I stopped by North County's newest addition, Leu Leu Beauty Bar in Leucadia. This eco-friendly salon offers both nail and hair services, talk about a power duo.
With a selection of delicious options such as their Ice Cream Pedicure, Vanilla Foot Scrub and Marshmallow Foot Mask, it's difficult to make an executive decision.

I opted for a shellac pedicure. Usually, I stick with a simple black coat however I was in an extra playful mood (I'm guessing due to the holidays). After perusing an array of designs for inspiration, I decided on a delicate bow detail.

While soaking, I had a chance to chat with Leu Leu Beauty Bar owner, Chai. Not only does she pay attention to details but her aesthetic is right on point. I got the skinny on her picks for nail trends and even got her recommendation for New Years Eve party nails...

RSP: What are the biggest nail trends for the season?
Chai: Marbleizing, misty, matte or glitter. It's all about the tones and textures.

RSP: Can you recommend a New Year's Eve nail design to my readers?
Chai: Glitter with flecks

RSP: Your go-to color?
Chai: Purple

RSP: What's your tip for keeping nails in good shape?
Chai: Don't forget to oil our cuticles!

RSP: What kind of girl goes to Leu Leu?
Chai: A girl who appreciates details and loves pretty moments. Of course, someone who needs some pampering and a girl who seeks an intimate setting. The overall vibe is influenced by France and my goal is to create a memorable experience for my clients.

RSP: What should clients know about Leu Leu?
Chai: We have a holiday special right now: Spend $40 on a gift card and get $10 for yourself!

Bisous ♥

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