ALL HAIL: What to Wear to the Office | Los Angeles Edition with Exclusive Style Interview at SBE

We've been keeping an eye on what L.A.'s power players have been wearing to the office. I mean come on, us working girls need to know what to wear for that 9-5 grind. Aren't I right? With that said, we like to take inspiration from everyday women for easy-to-wear style tips.

This week we're highlighting one of the most powerful offices in all of Hollywood. All hail to SBE in all of its glory. With SBE reigning supreme when it comes to where to go, what to do (and not to mention, who to see) in Los Angeles, how could we not include 'em in one of our office style guides? With SBE running the most sought-after clubs, restaurants and hotels, its completely and totally appropriate to bow down before reading further. Just kidding...but really they're that kind of a big deal.

We headed over to the SBE headquarters and checked out how the marketing supervisor of nightlife, Kelly Miles, dresses for her day-to-day power moves. So what does she wear when she's busy running this city? Get her style tips here with another RSP exclusive. 
Meet Kelly.

Oversized tote in black. Why? 
Kelly fits her iPad, documents, cell and other essentials in this chic staple that keeps up with her as she's on the go.
Tory Burch. Check.
Cap toe. Check.
Quilted. Check.
Easy-to-wear flats are functional yet shows Kell's clients and colleagues that she knows how to pay attention to the details.

There you have it—black skinnies, a chic blouse and a structured blazer keeps you looking your best at the office. Top it off with an over-sized day bag plus flats for a killer combo of function and style.

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Hollywood Beauty Tips with the Founder of Blushington, Stephi Maron

Ready to play magic makeup kingdom? Come to Blushington on Sunset in West Hollywood for a little makeup application by the pros. Can't make it to LA for the full experience? We sat down with beauty expert and founder of Blushington, Stephi Maron. She gives us her tips on how to get the A-List look made just right for the everyday girl. Plus, she dishes on her fave beauty must haves and shares a few recommended products. Ready to add a few essentials to your vanity? Oh, and we asked how to keep that skin still looking sun-kissed even with fall upon us - you're welcome!

RSP: Tell us about the Blushington concept:
Stephi: Blushington is a makeup and beauty lounge that offers women a unique pampering experience in a well-designed and highly personalized setting. The company also offers a full menu of retail products that are used in makeup application. Blushington's philosophy is making women feel pretty. Our saying has always been, "you only better" and "feeling pretty is priceless". In addition to makeup, Blushington also offers a wide assortment of “maintenance” services such as brow tinting, waxing, eyelash extensions and brow shaping. Blushington currently has two retail locations. The first location in West Hollywood, California opened in October 2011, and the second location opened in the Highland Park section of Dallas, Texas in December 2012. Both stores are strategically located next to the fast growing blow-out leader, Drybar.

RSP: What kind of girl goes to Blushington?
Stephi: We see anyone from the ages of 3 years old to someone who is 99 years old. I think the woman coming into Blushington is anyone from a working business woman going to work meetings, a mother going on a date night, a teenager going to a birthday party or a birthday of her own. We see women coming in for no special reason other than to feel pretty, to a woman going to an event/party, or their wedding, photo-shoots, head shots, etc.

RSP: How do you enhance eyes?
Stephi:  I like to use Stila's smudge liner for a more natural less dramatic look or Kevin Aucoin The Precision Liquid Liner in Black in my waterline to give me that dramatic effect. I don't think I will ever be over the lush lashes trend. I love lashes!!

RSP: Even thought fall is upon us, how do you keep skin looking sun-kissed?
Stephi:  My tip to getting a sun-kissed looking skin is making sure your highlighting and bronzing in the right areas! I like the Stila sun highlighter as a bronzer and contour. With a blush brush I contour and bronze from the top on my forehead all the way down to my cheek bones making a C like motion. Make sure you don't put too much on but still enough to see that sun-kissed glow. I also like to then highlight my temples, the top of my nose, and cheek bones with Temptu's highlighter. I like using Temptu because it gives you that really dewey look. You can also achieve this look if you don't have access to a Temptu machine by using Jouer's highlighter in Camellia.
Stila Sun Highlighter

RSP: Lip color of the moment? Lip stick and lip gloss recommendation?
Stephi: I am loving the Jouer Tinted Lip Enhancer in Cosmo. You can wear this day to night and it gives you just enough color but not too much. It's great for women who don't love to wear a lot of makeup but want a touch of glam. Or if you want to add a little more color I love the Jouer Hydrating Lipstick in Kate with Jouer's Moisturizing lip gloss in Peony.

Jouer Lip Enhancer 
RSP: What's your top five makeup essentials?
Stephi: My top five makeup essentials are the Blushington Blending Sponge, Jouer Matte tint foundation, Becca concealer, Jouer essential lip enhancer, and Mai Couture's blotting papers! I always carry the blending sponge everywhere I go to touch up my makeup throughout the day and to apply my makeup. I can use it to apply my foundation, blush, and concealer! I love the Jouer Matte Tint foundation because it covers extremely well without it looking like I have makeup on or feeling like I have makeup on, it looks like my skin! I love Becca's concealer because I have very oily skin I need a concealer that is on the dryer side and covers any dark circles or spots I may have. I never the my house or office without Jouer essential lip enhancer. It moisturizes my lips and goes on clear so I can wear it either alone or on top of any lipstick. I am obsessed with Mai Couture's blotting papers. I love to use these when I need to touch up throughout the day when I start to get oily. I don't love to touch up with powder since I find that with my skin type it can make my skin look cakey so I love these as an alternative.

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Girls, Girls, Girls. I Like Them, I Like Them. I Really, Really Like Them.

No selfies here! 

We've featured a range of personal style over the years. That's why we have featured everything from your trendy, label-loving, Neiman-Marcus-shopping girly girl to your eclectic, thrift-store perusing, vintage-inspired hipster and with that said, everything in between. Check out our archives and get inspired...

Which is your favorite?


Easy Style Tips! How to Dress for Happy Hour (Los Angeles Edition): Office to Drinks at Bungalow in Santa Monica

Hello, all work and no play is completely and utterly missing the point. A girl must find time for the happiest of hours...happy hour. As if work isn't stressful enough, why stress about what you are going to wear once you leave the office? Follow Melissa's lead and incorporate these easy-to-wear pieces into your work wardrobe. It's a cinch!

Meet Melissa.
Melissa sales Ferrari's in Calabasas but resides on the Westside. With that said, after her glorious commute (we know how fab traffic is in LA) she heads to Santa Monica's celebrity-favorite bar & restaurant, The Bungalow, for a drink. Or maybe two.
So what does she wear while negotiating with the A-List and some of LA's biggest power players all day? She opts for a romper, tribal-inspired earrings and open-toed platforms. Serious enough for the professional side of things yet fun enough for when she takes a client in a spin in a 458.

Key Take-Aways:
1) Classic One Piece (Psst...if you aren't a romper-kind-of girl, choose a solid-colored dress)
2) Open-Toed Platforms
3) Accessorize with personalized jewelry - inspired by Mel's earrings?

Once she leaves the showroom she slips on a pair of retro round-framed shades, layers her look with a cropped denim jacket and rocks a structured satchel.

Add On:
1) Sunnies
(Try a fun pair! This is an easy way to incorporate a trend of the moment without letting it overwhelm your personal style)
2) Denim Jacket
(Mel's cropped version gives this wardrobe staple a modern update)
3) Satchel
(A classic satchel is sophisticated enough for the office yet cool enough to pull off at cocktail hour)

Are you ready for happy hour? Meet you there...

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Fashion Group International of San Diego Hosts First Blogger Expert Panel with Nacole Gray of Rich Skinny Pretty

Join me on August 29th at Balboa Park alongside three other expert bloggers for a blogging seminar presented by the Fashion Group International of San Diego.

Our expert blogger panel will be sharing our tips and tricks for helping you make your own blog a success!

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See you on the 29th!

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See you on the 29th!

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What to Wear to the Office: Fashion Publicist Edition with the VIP Manager of Starworks

Talk about a bowse...Lacey Lamphere, the VIP Relations Manager of Starworks is busy making power moves day-in and day-out, and of course, all while looking ultra femme.

Lamphere ensures that A-List celebs wear her clients' gowns and jewels on the red carpet—she masters the delicate balance of showroom visits, fittings, emails and securing press. With that said, does it really surprise you that she accomplishes this while maintaining her enviable girl-on-the-go style? No, of course not. That's why we are giving you an exclusive look at what she's wearing to work at one of LA's most stylish offices. Take her sartorial lead and follow her rules for looking oh-so office chic.

So what does she wear to the office?

How to Dress for the Office According to Lacey:

1.       Respect office dress code and culture

You want to express your individuality and personal style, but you also have to be professional—obviously no one wants to get called into HR!

2.       Function first, cuteness second

The public sees street style shots of fashion people and probably think we all wear crazy outfits to the office every day, but everyone comes to work to do a job, not to be on display. When we moved into our new office, we all wore comfy pants and flats every day so we could haul boxes and wield power tools (yes, we installed those shelves ourselves)!

3.       Don’t plan ahead

This may not sound like the wisest advice, but I like to wait until it’s time to get dressed in the morning to pick out my outfit. You never know what kind of mood you will be in, so it’s best to go with what you feel in the moment rather than plan the night before. As long as you’re in the habit of keeping your closet organized, it should be easy to throw on whatever makes you feel great.

4.       Wear something that can easily transition from day to night

It doesn’t have to be dressy, it just has to make you feel good enough to accept any last minute invitations. If you feel haggard, you will decline and have FOMO.

5.       Be yourself!
The most cliché advice in the world is cliché for a reason—it’s true! If you wear what makes you feel confident, comfortable, and beautiful, you will bring out the best version of yourself, and you’ll shine at work and in the rest of your life.

Get Lacey's Look: 1) Pair a structured pencil skirt with a sheer loose-fitting blouse. 2) Layer the paring with a tailored jacket. 3) Finish the look with an embellished belt, sentimental jewelry and chic pumps.

Don't forget! It's all about neutrals - black, white and tan. Get it? Got it? Good.

Lacey is wearing a Victoria Beckham top, Ann Taylor jacket and ASOS skirt.

kate spade new york pumps and an Ann Taylor belt.
RSP: Wake Up Call! What are you drinking in the am?
Lacey: Starbucks Grande drip with a little soy

RSP: Three Go-To Spots After Work 
Lacey: It varies, but if I had to pick… I love outdoor seating on West 3rd Street so Churchill, and I love French fries and butterflies so Bar Marmont. But lately my friends and I pressure each other to go to Pop Physique after work-- it’s hands-down the best workout, and then you can read magazines and chat in the lobby afterwards!

RSP: Drink of Choice
Lacey: Champagne, always.

RSP: We are right there with you on your classic aesthetic and the champagne. Good taste, Lacey, good taste.
All About the Details! ASOS and vintage bracelets, engraved signet ring given to her dad by my mom when they were 19 years old, Tiffany & Co. ring from her parents for (what else?) high school graduation and lastly a diamond ring that belonged to her mom.

Ummm, we still can't get over the engraved signet ring gifted to Lacey's mom from her dad. Precious.

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Official Blogger Ambassador for Humantarian Brand, Sseko

“I feel privileged to be chosen as an official ambassador for Sseko. The idea of using consumerism as a force and opportunity for positive social change is a very powerful idea indeed. Knowing that this pair of sandals has made a profound impact on a woman’s life changes the meaning of shopping. We all have the choice to be responsible consumers with more and more products like this at our fingertips. Take a moment and think about the story behind these…”

Read more here.

Use Discount Code: Sseko30x30 for a 20% off!

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