Remember Kelly?

Remember Kelly? She's been wondering where you've been.

If it's been awhile, it's time to get reacquainted...

RSP: Which fashion designers or runway trends influence your overall look?
Kell: It’s hard to put my finger on just one, I’m scandalous when it comes to fashion I suppose. Chloe always seems to know what’s up…the same thing that’s been up for the last 60 years! Everything Chloe touches sings vintage, eclectic, antiquity. I also think music often shapes fashion, and I love music, so I’m sure you can decipher my feelings on fashion.

RSP: What is your most prized fashion possession?
Kell: My Kelly green Dolce & Gabanna Pea coat. Fo Sho!

RSP: In your opinion what is the biggest fashion faux pas???
Kell: Ummmmmm, caring too much I do declare! Matchy matchy is over-rated, as is regularly laundering your clothing. I like character...I like it when clothes look used. Rainbow sandals make me want to vomit. I don’t much care for stiletto heels either. Femininity is a bit out done as well. I like a more androgynous look.

RSP: Favorite color?
Kell: Green. Kelly Green. Yep.

RSP: Favorite place to shop?
Kell: Amvets and Top Shop.

RSP: Must have make-up?
Kell: Bella Donna loose powder. One word: AMAZING. Oh yeah, and cheap black eyeliner from CVS or Target.

RSP: How would you describe your look?
Kell: I’m all over the place. Edgy, vintage, eclectic, androgynous. That pretty much sums in up.

RSP: What do you do in your spare time?
Kell: Read, write, draw, run, socialize. Oh, and fantasize about my imaginary rock band.

RSP: What are a few of your vices?
Kell: Diet soda, pop tarts, and cigarettes.

RSP: Favorite things…in general?
Kell: My cat (Chloe), rain, jap-anime, artichokes, MUSIC, the GAA, making out.

RSP: What are you drinking?
Kell: Whiskey diet. Word.

RSP: Fashion faves?
Kell: Edie Sedgwick, Sienna Miller, Kate Moss, and Sid Vicious.

RSP: Finish this sentence: “I Wish…"
Kell: I lived in Ireland and was in an awesome band. And that my cat could come with.

Bisous ♥

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