Interview with a New York FASHION INTERN

Meet Stephanie

RSP: What is your current position in the fashion industry?
(Feel free to include previous experience as well).
Steph: Aspiring womenswear fashion and accessory designer...
I interned with both Michael Kors and Anna Sui. I am currently majoring in Fashion Design starting this fall at FIT.

RSP: Which fashion designers or runway trends influence your overall look?
Steph: My favorite designers are Marchesa and Rodarte but right now my style is most inspired by Balmain's edgy rock look.

Backstage @ Anna Sui with Agyness Deyn's (Kelly's favorite model by the way) sis and assistant - wearing a dress of her own design.

RSP: What is the biggest TREND or MUST-HAVE ITEM for summer?
Steph: Neon floral prints and studded/acid washed/ripped jeans.

RSP: What is your most prized fashion possession?
Steph: My black hightop Converse sneakers.

RSP: What can we find in your closet? Please include specific items, accessories and brands.
Steph: Lots of MK and Anna Sui of course, Converse in every color, lots of black & purple & leather and a crazy collection of Tripp jeans.

RSP: In your opinion what is the biggest fashion faux pas???
Steph: Looking skanky (2 tight, 2 short, 2 revealing, etc) ewww
it sometimes works on supermodels walking the runways or in edgy magazine spreads but not a flattering everyday look for the average woman!


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