What to Wear to Polo: Style Guide

Have you heard? Yours truly is producing the Opening Day Fashion Show at the SD Polo Fields in Rancho Santa Fe. Fashion in San Diego might be perceived by some as safe or boring however this year's fashion show pairs prep with party on the runway and highlights equestrian and wanderlust-inspired looks sure to inspire your summer style. The girls of will be strutting their stuff in Lanvin, Victor & Rolf, Derek Lam and Prada to name a few, compliments of Gerhard boutique. Don't know what to wear? Don't fret...

While living in an international summer vacation destination assumes perfect weather and breathtaking sunsets, perfect for drinking pina coladas poolside bikini-clad, for San Diego’s most sophisticated, summer is also the harbinger of one of our most beloved pastimes – Polo. San Diego Polo affords a respite from too much sun and skin, and match goers are a veritable who’s who of the San Diego elite, showing off bronzed bodies with an effortlessly chic and sophisticated style.

Headed to Opening Day and not sure what to wear? Opening Day boasts a bevy of stylish partygoers socializing and mingling with bubbly in one hand, a designer clutch in the other, and walking with their best sartorial swagger. Think party-dresses galore and some serious bijoux! This must-attend event for Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar and La Jolla socialites is the ultimate summer fashion-studded fete.

Whether you are more of a traditionalist and opt for classic, Audrey-esque attire or a more of the moment, you will surely find a variety of options at local boutiques. I’ll be headed to Gerhard in Del Mar, Azzaria in Cardiff, Studio 1220 and LF in La Jolla, Gracie in Rancho Santa Fe and Cedros Soles in Solana Beach (for shoes and hats!) to pick out my seasonal best!


You can’t go wrong with a timeless A-line dress or high-waisted skirt paired with a soft blouse. Tiered ruffled dresses are another great option - romantic and soft which make a perfect statement for polo.

Go Bright
White is fresh for summer though nudes and pink champagne will have you looking like you were plucked from the runway!

Take a Risk
Who said Polo is all about the prim n’ proper? Trade in those pearls for unpredictable accessories like a roped chain necklace. Ditch the dress and go with a romper. Throw on a sun hat and oversized sunglasses to complete your look and add a bit of mystery. Remember, you can always turn a yawn-inducing outfit into an instant wow with a statement piece of jewelry or vintage style hat.

Stay Casual
Turn heads by staying cool and comfy with a sporty chic ensemble. Pair a crisp white blazer with a tee and boyfriend jeans.
One final tip – Polo is not for stilettos so choose wedges or flats unless you want to be sinking into the grass as you prance across the polo fields!

For more Polo apprised fashion, join us Opening Day as fashion blog

Photography by Liz Thurston and Brett Siegle.
xoxo Nacole Gray


  1. The monochrome pastels really are the height of sophistication. That's a look that says "I don't need to distract you with my clothes - I'm way too interesting in my own right". I particularly like that pale yellow number.

    So true that stilletos are a no-go anywhere there is grass or dirt. Limping along with a broken heel or "aerating the lawn" with your footwear is a real fashion faux pas.

    Daisy McCarty
    San Diego Plastic Surgery

  2. Thank you for the comment Daisy - hope to see you Opening Day at the SD Polo Club!