Holiday Wish List: Winter 2012 Editor's Beauty Pick...GHD Professional Flat Iron.

Santa brought me a gift early this year. Okay, actually it was the girls over at Bollare PR in New York. Either way someone checked their list, checked it twice and marked me off as nice. And what did they bring me? A ghd Gold Series Professional 1" Styler and ghd Paddle Brush.
Let's just say, styling my hair has just gotten a whole lot easier. Usually, it's the least of my favorite things to do...accessorizing, applying make up, swapping out a few different platforms or booties until I find just the right pair to complete my outfit? Fun. Washing and blow drying my hair? Not fun. But now with my secret weapon, getting evening-ready is a cinch. Depending on my mood, I can use this bad boy for a sleek and straight look or for a sultry wave. Lately, I have been all about volume and wave. Plus, this investment-worthy brush is made just right for detangling, smoothing and taming. Sounds like heaven.
So if you've been naughty this year and are stuck with some coal then maybe snag one of these for yourself. Otherwise, you know exactly what to put on top of your list!

Bisous ♥

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