Exclusive Interview with Celebrity Stylist: Anya Sarre Gives Personal Styling Tips for Winter 2012

Guess who scored an interview with one of Hollywood's most influential celebrity stylists? You only get one guess so make it count...

RSP chatted with nationally recognized stylist to the A-List, Anya Sarre and got the skinny on Sarre's personal style. We even nabbed a few styling tips for our readers. Thank me later!

Named “Best Television Fashion Stylist” for her appearances on Entertainment Tonight, The Insider and countless other media outlets, Sarre is the go-to fashion expert for Hollywood’s biggest celebrities. She has been regularly featured in print magazines and on television—Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, and the STYLE network to name a few. She shares her words of wisdom when it comes to fashion and dishes on her favorite key pieces for the season. Ladies, take notes!
 RSP: What is your role in the fashion industry?
Anya: I am a stylist at ShoeDazzle and work alongside other celebrity stylists like Kim Kardashian.

RSP: Fashion advice?
Anya: Confidence is a major factor in whether one looks stylish. Anyone can cultivate confidence. Clothes do not make the woman; clothes should be chosen to accentuate what is already there. A woman is confident when she knows that she is wearing her clothes and not the other way around. This effortless sense of self is a major factor in one's personal style. Trying too hard only detracts from beauty and charisma.

RSP: Key item for winter?
Anya: Pair a belt with a dress. The belt should not be used to actually hold the dress on or give it a shape that it does not already have. To pull off this look, the dress should look good and fit well on its own. The belt is only meant to accentuate a slender waist and provide an unexpected pop of color.

RSP: Color blocking is still a major trend. What is an easy way to incorporate this trend into your everyday style?
Anya: A skinny yellow belt can be worn over a blue or red dress for a modernized color-blocking effect.

RSP: Every girl loves her ever-growing selection of shoes. What is you styling tip for this closet favorite?
Anya: Use Shoes to add color to your look. An all-black outfit goes from forgettable to edgy when the shoes are a bold color like bright green or purple. The shoes may match a belt or another colored accessory.

RSP: Bold is fun but what about neutrals? How should a girl wear her nude pair of pumps?

Anya: Shoes that match the color of one's legs are perfect for events that demand understated dress. Outfits that are pale pink, white or cream-colored are complemented well by subtle footwear.

RSP: Which piece is making the biggest come back this season?
Anya: Blazers are back in a big way. A basic black blazer is a classic style staple. It adds a hint of androgyny to jeans and takes work and party ensembles down a few notches. Note: A black blazer has a muting effect.

RSP: How do you personally wear this staple piece?

Anya: Bright tops or dresses that are too intense on their own become tasteful swatches of color when worn under blazers. A blazer is structured enough to allow for looseness in other areas. T-shirts and casual shoes are balanced out by the professionalism of a blazer.

RSP: What is your personal favorite item from your closet at the moment?
Anya: This pleated skirt with a femme bow detail.
RSP: How do you define personal style?
Anya: Being willing to take risks with clothing combinations is a sign of confidence. Fashion is a creative outlet that allows women to turn their bodies into canvases for self-expression.

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