Special Beauty Report: A Day of Pampering with RSP Creator Nacole Gray

Your beauty regimen absolutely plays part in your personal style - glowing skin, a fresh mani & pedi, shaped brows and a signature hairstyle all play a role in completing your overall look. Even though RSP's focus is on apparel items, readers have continuously asked me about my personal beauty regimen so I have decided to dedicate a post sharing what a day of pampering exactly consists of for me. We shouldn't skimp on life's little luxuries and getting pampered is definitely one of them! If your skin is in major need of TLC, then head to Releaf Day Spa in Cardiff by the Sea. Forget about needing foundation after you incorporate Releaf's facials into your skincare regimen. Their treatments hydrate, tone, firm, reduce hyper pigmentation and revitalize. Releaf is known for their Awakening facial directed towards anti-aging, um, yes please! Pure organic AHA and an herbal paprika treatment gently peel away dulling skin cells, detoxifiying and leaving your complexion ultra-smooth. Major perk? Shoulder and foot massage.

Next on my list - 20 Lounge, a boutique nail bar, is my top pick for a manicure and pedicure. Their new service menu basically has the cutest theme ever called the Ulitmate Beauty Prescription:

Take 1 20 Mani with a Single Shot

Take 1 20 Pedi On the Rocks
Treat your pretty little toes with a signature 20 Pedicure on the Rocks. My personal fave? The Ritz. This deluxe pedi includes extra massage, detailed exfoliation with sugar scrub, callus treatment and hot towel. I pair my pedi with a signature 20 Manicure with a single shot, honey mask & hot towel. I opt for shellac which lasts for roughly 14 days. And I can't forget to mention the bubbly bar! Enjoy a glass of champagne while you are treated like a pretty, pretty princess.
(Pictured Above: My personal fave hair products)
Last but not least, we cannot forget a hair trim and color. My stylist, Shay Peterson at Vanity Hair Studio in Solana Beach is simply a gem. Without avail, she knows exactly which styles and colors will work best with my facial structure and complexion. I cannot rave enough about her.

I hope you have the chance to experience one or all of my personal faves, they are all too fabulous!



  1. I just became interested in fashion and beauty and know NOTHING, what should a first timer expect when going to a salon to get a facial, especially a high end salon? and any tips on how to develop personal style?

  2. Harriet - a few things to take note of. Facials can at times feel uncomfortable borderline a little painful however overall the experience is relaxing and enjoyable. Secondly, if you have sensitive skin then do not plan anything important for the day of i.e. a presentation at work or date night. Most likely, your face will be a little reddish for a day or so.

    When it comes to developing personal style it's all about experimenting. A great place to start is to look through magazines and tear out pages of your favorite looks - whether it's an ad, a celeb on the red carpet or from a fashion editorial. This will help you realize what kind of overall looks you are drawn to. Next, look at your magazine tear outs and see if you can find an overall trend - are you drawn to a clean and simple aesthetic? Do you like bright colors or a neutral palette? Do you prefer feminine and soft pieces or do you find yourself drawn to edgy or structured items? Thirdly, start shopping! If you find that you like feminine allure then incorporate a signature femme piece into your wardrobe like an a-line skirt or if you like a sophisticated look then nab a tailored blazer. Hope this helps and thank you for following Harriet! xo

  3. I've always been a little sketched out about getting facials but after hearing all the good feedback about em I think i'll actually give it a shot!
    lovely post!

  4. That nail salon sounds like my kind of place: wine with manis and pedis?

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