"Drowning past regrets in tea and cigarettes," - Portishead

Meet Kelly
RSP: What is your current occupation?
Kell: Consumer? I consume fashion like Chuck Norris consumes babies. Haha. I work at Free People right now, so I suppose I also sell it. I’m a hustler baby.

RSP: What is your most prized fashion possession?
Kell: My Kelly green Dolce & Gabanna Pea coat. Fo Sho!

RSP: Favorite color?

Kell: Green. Kelly Green. Yep.

RSP: Hotspot's?
Kell: Any dive bar…the dirtier the better. There had better be a good chance the man sitting next to me is over 60 and missing teeth.

RSP: New or Used?
Kell: Used…rock it till the wheels fall off.

Kelly is wearing Citizens of Humanity denim and Deena & Ozzy boots.Insight beanie.Juicy Couture hoody, Levi's vest and Forever21 tank.
Ammunition belt was a gift from Kell's bf.
Nacole Gray

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