"So hot. Will melt your popsicle. California girls, we're undeniable." - Katy Perry

Meet Courtney.
That's right, homegirl wears Pour La Victoire's and fishnet tights to the beach. Get one thing straight, she's not your typical cookie-cutter Southern California girl. Interested in knowing more about Court? All you have to do is go ahead and ask...

RSP: How would you describe your look?
Court: I like to mix a couple high end pieces with the rest being more bohemian. My boyfriend calls it “cruiser-chic.”

RSP: Best bargain…fashion wise?
Court: Buying jewelry from street vendors, it’s home-made and usually one of a kind. I’ve found some great pieces at the Encinitas Street Fair and the Venice Beach Boardwalk.

RSP: Favorite place to shop?
Court: A thrift store near my parent’s house in the Bay Area. I’ve found vintage Yves Saint Laurent and Prada bags for $20. Plus all proceeds are given to the American Cancer Society.

American Apparel fishnets and Pour La Victoire wedges.Court is wearing a Michael Kors army cropped jacket and a Joy Rich Los Angeles oversized thin sweatshirt.

Images by Greg Cali.
Nacole Gray