à la mode: Jennifer Fisher Jewelry

An irreverent dark mixture of bracelets, studs, charms, cuffs and I love thee.

Celebrities like Audrina Patridge, Sienna Miller and Kim Kardashian aren't the only ones lusting over Jennifer Fisher Jewelry, so are the girls of RSP! As I have mentioned before I am partial to layering bracelets as well as wearing multiple statement rings to complete my daily look, in fact doing so is one of the main elements that define my personal style. Luckily, I just discovered Jennifer Fisher who has created a collection of bold, edgy and delicious accessories that cater to that little bit of Rihanna in us all.
Have a tough-chic aesthetic? This signature Gold Cuff will surely be a piece to savor. Wear one individually or layer with a few other vintage bracelets and voilà! an instant way to add personality to your style.
OK so if you really want to make a statement these 2" Organic Stud Cuffs are just for you! Can you rock it 'til the wheels fall off?

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