"And finally it seems my lonely days are through, I've been waiting for you." - ABBA

Meet Kelly.

RSP: Best bargain?
Kell: BDG denim from Urban Outfitters. Talk about bang for your buck!
RSP: Favorite things?
Kell: My cat (Chloe), pop tarts, rain, the GAA, making out, and jap-anime.

(Lil' factoid - Kell and I go way back and both share a fond love of japenese anime established in the fifth grade...if you watch Ranma 1/2 we will surely be friends too.)

Find out all you could want to know about Kell and the girls of RSP here.

Michael Kors watch.
American Apparel tights, Free People belt and Steve Madden combat boots.
Urban Outfitters dress.
Photography by Greg Cali.

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