San Diego Polo Club 2010 Apparel Photo Shoot

The girls of Rich Skinny Pretty spent a day at the renowned SD Polo Club in Rancho Santa Fe posing with horses, champagne and a few mallets. I was honored with the privilege of coordinating the Polo Club's 2010 apparel photo shoot. Keep an eye out for us in SD Polo magazine and Riviera magazine! Hope to see you at my RSP fashion show Opening Day, this Sunday, June 13th!

Hope to see you Opening Day! Photography by Elizabeth Thurston and Brett Siegel.
Nacole Gray


  1. I'm not usually a fan of pants tucked into boots (growing up in Texas I saw far too much of that trend), but these girls are carrying it off with style. Those brownish/grey suede boots look particularly awesome although I wouldn't wear them around a horse barn for any amount of money.

    Daisy McCarty
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  2. Mock the Rich- I really like thiswhole deal- show them what they're missing-
    Nice job at the Polo Opener-

  3. Looks great!