"Colourless color. Once in fashion, soon to be seen." - LA Roux

Meet Ashley

Take a break from watching The City and admiring Whitney Port's style. Ashley might suffice. Don't be mistaken, fashion in San Diego isn't yawn-inducing after all. The girls of Rich Skinny Pretty pair unexpected pieces and create their own unique style. See what Ashley's wearing this week...

RSP: Who’s your favorite model?
Ash: Kate Moss.

RSP: Favorite place to shop?
Ash: American Archive Vintage, D.A.V., Buffalo Exchange, Loemans and any really good consignment shop. Sometimes I feel really overwhelmed in a place like Forever 21 because it's really un-organized so I never know where to start or how to create your own style around 8-thousand of the same items.

RSP: What are you drinking?
Ash: Tecate.

RSP: Finish this sentence: “I Wish…"
Ash: I wish I didn’t have such a dirty since of humor. A little inappropriate at times…
RSP: Oh but Ashley this is why we love you.

Above Ashley is wearing a vintage 80's sequin draped trophy dress top and BDG denim.
Vintage 50's floral romper.
Vintage 70's White Embroidered boho Mexican Mini Dress.

Vintage 80's Colorblock Sun Mini Dress.

Love Ashley's style? She shops American Archive Vintage and always wears her fave Clover bracelet.

Nacole Gray

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  1. Ah, I do remember the purple/teal color combination from the 80s. I still think that's a really cheerful look. I can't say I can get behind the 50s romper, though. Some trends should just stay in the past! That sequin top she is wearing in the first picture looks surprisingly classy. You would think it might wash her out since it is so close to her skin tone, but it really brightens her complexion.

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