Interview with Mimi&lu scored an exclusive interview with talented jewelry designer Michelle Watson of Mimi&lu. Not only do I relish in the fact that her jewelry line is based here in San Diego but I can't get enough of her delicate and bright designs. A few of my personal favorite pieces from the line include the Mini Crystal Regina Necklace in champagne and Myra Bangles in every color to layer with. As much as I like to layer bracelets I like to adorn myself just as much with rings. I am constantly drawn to cocktail rings and Mimi&Lu's Peyton Ring is that perfect accessory I have been looking for.

Find out all you want to know about Michelle and Mimi&lu here!

RSP: What is your current position in the fashion industry?

Mimi&lu (formerly moushart jewelry) was first introduced in 2007, carried by one store in the South Park neighborhood of San Diego. Today, stores across the country, mostly concentrated in California, are selling the line. The jewelry appeals to a wide demographic so the venues vary from fashion boutiques and high end salons to museum stores, resort spas and gift stores. I also sell on my website and am often hired for custom work including bridal and wedding jewelry. I continue to design and produce each piece myself.

RSP: Which fashion designers or runway trends influence your overall look?
I come from a fine art background so my influences have always been more about the materials and the process. That said, fashion designers and looks most certainly inspire and influence me as an artist. I like when a piece includes the element of surprise or something a bit off beat. For example, I love textiles and admire jewelry designers who use fabric or crochet in their work and are still able to retain a look of high fashion while using more 'crafty' methods and materials. These pieces have great juxtaposition definitely inspire me as an artist to think outside the box. Also, I love, love designers that explore color and patterns like Pucci, Diane Von Furstenburg and Kenzo which always catch my eye and provide inspiration.

RSP: What is the biggest TREND or MUST- HAVE ITEM for Spring?

Neutrals such as Champagne have always been a mimi&lu favorite and it looks like that might be catching on as I'm seeing the pink champagne colors pop up everywhere! As for jewelry- since my work doesn't necessarily follow seasonal trends, I will say that the biggest MUST HAVE jewelry item year-round are oversized hoop earrings. And it doesn't have to be a plain old boring hoop- even something with a neutral colored or metal detail. If you're having a bad hair day, or rushing out the door- just pull your hair back, throw on some giant hoops and a little MAC Chai lip gloss (another year round must have for myself) and you are set.

RSP: What can we find in your closet? Please include specific items, accessories and brands.
Had this question been posed to me when I lived in Boston, I would probably have a much more interesting answer. Since moving to San Diego, I tend to dress more casual both because of the overall atmosphere and because I spend a lot of time chasing around a 130lb Great Dane puppy. In my closet, you can find anything from Forever 21 to Free People. My favorite dress is from White House Black Market--- a long, flowing and very versatile piece. I have 2 favorite L.B.D.s- one H&M and one Nanette Lapore- opposite ends of the spectrum. While I don't get a chance to wear them as much as I'd like, my favorite shoes in my closet are from Hard Hearted Harlot, made in Portugal and Marc by Marc Jacobs. I have a drawer full of jeans but I'm always wearing the same two- Right now it's a pair of LTB jeans for everyday and Lucky Jeans when dressing up. For me, it's really about picking the right individual pieces within collections or stores than the overall brand itself.

Love Mimi&lu as much as the girls of RSP do? Find Michelle's designs at local boutiques in San Diego like at Nicole Miller in La Jolla, Azzaria in Cardiff or at Studio 486 in Newport. Not shopping in Southern California? Don't threat buy Mimi&Lu online!

Nacole Gray


  1. Mimi & Lu designer, Michelle, just came into my store, Material, in North Park. I was like...why does this name sound familiar...oh yeah! Because literally the day before I'd read about her on your blog!

  2. That is too funny! I will have to come check out Material - I write a recurring San Diego shopping guide for and take the girls of RSP shopping at local boutiques!