Behind the Photo Shoot: Styling for Audrey Kitching's Tokyolux Summer Collection

Audrey Kitching is without a doubt one of the most influential style bloggers on the Internet. So when I was asked to style her Tokyolux Summer 2011 Collection 'Born to Rock' I of course said yes without hesitation.
I spent a day in the Hollywood Hills with darling Audrey and her ultra talented team. Not only do I admire Audrey's aesthetic and overall style but I respect her vision. She is a genius in the sense of making something of herself by simply following her heart. She is authentic, genuine, ambitious and an absolute doll. Plus we both have a deep affinity for kittens and vegan cupcakes.

The concept of the shoot was music festival slash road trip slash bohemian meets rock...

Here is an inside peek at behind the photo shoot along with a few of my favorite looks of the day.Have a borderline obsession with Audrey? Follow her blog.

Adore Tokyolux? Shop your heart away and view the entire collection.



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