The Scene Stealer: Curated City Style for Summer 2012

Who's on my radar?

Working as a fashion copywriter for a global and iconic brand in addition to managing RSP places me in a prime position to keep an eye on emerging trendsetters and style influentials. With that said, I am continuously inspired by the women who have successfully built their careers in buying, styling, writing, branding, publicizing, designing, blogging, modeling, trend forecasting, photographing and power playing in the fashion industry.

I have been fortunate enough to make a career in the industry for myself by lending brand voice where I write about style, trends and how to pair pieces together. Now that I am settled in a new city and new career, I have once again refocused my energy on delivering exclusives to smart little cookies.

Now that I'm back in action, find out who's been playing muse at RSP...

Meet Eileen.

RSP: What is your current position in the fashion industry?
Eileen: I’ve styled two large production music videos and am the visual merchandiser and assistant buyer for a boutique. Plus, I am launching WildChild this year...come back for details.

RSP: What is the biggest TREND or MUST- HAVE ITEM for summer?
Eileen: My lovechild trends are desert boots, highwaisted shredded jean shorts (a little cheek never hurt anyone) and one… just ONE.. long feather earring.

RSP: Where do you shop?
Eileen: Lobby, LF and Planet Blue.

RSP: Five things in your handbag right now?
Eileen: Well my purse is super tiny, but it consists of burtsbees (duh) an LF sparkle ID wallet, clinique matte powder and my iphone.. sorry im boring but I cant fit anything else !
Bisous ♥


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