Editor's Pick: Spa Day at the Beverly Hills Hotel

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Founder and Online Editor, Nacole Gray spends a spa day at the Beverly Hills Hotel

Where do I go when I am in major need of pampering?

I am currently having a deep love affair with the city of Los Angeles. When you can't indulge in a full weekend jaunt away it's easy to feel like you are living the jet-set lifestyle with Beverly Hills as your backyard. If you are going to spend a pretty penny on a manipedi then why not select a spa with some serious ambiance? Take delight in a day at the Beverly Hills Hotel and I promise, it will not disappoint.

High-Gloss Nails
My pick? I opted for the Pink Palace Manicure and Pedicure in celebration of the 100 Year Anniversary of The Beverly Hills Hotel. First, I slipped into a plush robe and slippers adorned with the Bev Hills Hotel logo. Next, I selected my lacquer - I usually go for darker tones however in tradition, I decided to go with "Ballet Slippers" by Essie. It is a subtle version of the bright hue and a necessary nod to the "Pink Palace."

A few beauty treats...
Once my freshly lacquered nails finished drying, I decided to head for a steam in the sauna and enjoyed full access to an assortment of complimentary La Prairie skincare.

My ultimate-chic afternoon was finished in the Polo Lounge where I enjoyed a detoxifying and fresh late afternoon lunch - my gourmet fruit salad per usual as well as my signature green tea with honey and lemon. The charming outside patio is a delicate mix of Alice in Wonderland stumbles upon The Secret Garden.
What does one wear to such a place with enduring style?

I always feel the need to wear A-line dresses for afternoons at this iconic retreat. Plus, with old Hollywood Glamour exuding at every turn, how can you not feel inclined to play dress up?

Take a cue from Old Hollywood! Opt for structure, clean silhouettes and classic patterns.

Ready to book yours? I will see you there!

Why will you love it?

♥ The valet greet you in head-to-toe pink and khaki attire.

♥ The iconic pink with green and white stripe combo.

♥ A red carpet entrance - almost feels like they rolled it out just for you ;)

♥ Impeccable service.

♥ Ask anyone who knows me, I am a sucker for trees dressed in twinkly lights. Gets me every time.

♥ Plus, what's more impressive than the celebrity sightings? Don't be surprised if you are brunching next to some of the most influential power players in fashion or entertainment. Just another day in Bev Hills...

Bisous ♥


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  1. This is my one of the favourite hotel, Which is provide great facilities and awesome services, Here all pictures looking nice.