A Style Interview with the Senior Managing Editor of 944 Magazine San Diego

Meet Sarah
Leave it to RSP to get the skinny on one of San Diego's most stylish and admired - Sarah Daoust of 944 San Diego. Who doesn't want to know what's in her closet or which fashion designs make her heart go pitter-patter? I remember since my early college days perusing the glossy pages of 944 and first thing first, always flipping over to the Letter from the Editor page. With a mixture of envy and admiration I would religiously read the mag every month and then finally was fortunate enough to land my first job out of college at a PR-driven event planning firm where I was actually invited to the monthly 944 issue release parties, can you imagine my excitement and gratitude? It was while attending these monthly events that I really took note of Sarah's personal style and now have the pleasure of sharing with you what makes this self-acclaimed "control freak grammar geek" tick. I guess her attention to detail for catching grammatical errors also translates to having a keen sartorial eye.

In her own right, Sarah has become a local celebrity here in San Diego. Don't lie - you can't help but feel that much cooler if she is sipping cocktails at the same of-the-moment lounge as you and you of course can't help but notice her chosen attire for the evening. With her deep affinity for our city and with her consistent fashion, lifestyle and entertainment coverage she continues to make San Diego look that much better. But hey, don't let her fancy title, impeccable style and good looks fool you - she is not only humble but has a fabulous since of humor!
Find out why she is drawn to feminine looks and what she's asking Santa for this year...

RSP: What is your current position in the fashion industry?
I'm the Senior Managing Editor of 944, a monthly fashion/entertainment/lifestyle magazine published in 10 cities. I can't stress how grateful I am that there really is a place in the world for control-freak grammar geeks whose idea of a good time is finding typos on restaurant menus.

RSP: Which fashion designers or runway trends influence your overall look?
I love dressing up and being girly and feminine. (I blame this on a youth spent first in Catholic school where we had to wear uniforms, then on the hand-me-downs from my five sisters I was often stuck with when we moved to a rural horse farm. Any money my parents spent on new clothes was for things like English riding helmets and jodhpurs and boots. The equestrian look eventually became in style, yes, but when I was 13? Not so much.

There are those elite houses like Oscar de la Renta and Chanel that I will always adore and hold on a pedestal and wish to one day own a piece of, but for everyday inspiration, I honestly just look at my interns — they're way more "fashionable" than me and take it much more seriously. I write about fashion but definitely don't obsess over labels and looks of the moment for myself. I just don't have the time. And the ol' editor paycheck doesn't exactly support a Dior lifestyle ... more like a "Ross" lifestyle maybe.
RSP: What is the biggest TREND or MUST- HAVE ITEM for fall?
Camel hues, military-inspired pieces, vintage detailing and cuffed boots are my favorite trends. My one must-have item: a grey leather handbag. (Santa? You reading this?)

RSP: What is your most prized fashion possession?
Sarah: My Carolina Herrera wallet and my very first Hermes scarf that I received as a gift from a beloved friend. Both make me feel like a grown-up.

RSP: What can we find in your closet?

Not much at all right now. I recently cleaned it out and either threw away or donated a total of 42 pairs of shoes and 133 clothing items. I kid you not. I actually tallied them up. Now some dresses and about 15 pairs of shoes total remain.

RSP: In your opinion what is the biggest fashion faux pas?
Sarah: I was going to say something biting like anything Snooki wears, but that's too easy. And I actually like Snooki's style because she is who she is and just works it, press-on nails and orange glow and all. The biggest faux pas I see people make is dressing a certain way because it's the trend of the moment, not because it necessarily suits them or is comfortable on them. You can always tell when people aren't comfortable and aren't being themselves.
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