"She falls into frame with a professional pout" - Siouxsie and the Banshees

Meet Ashley

RSP: Best bargain…fashion wise?
Ash: Consignment shops are the way to go.

RSP: Which fashion designers or runway trends influence your overall look?

Ash: I gain inspiration and ideas from the runway trends of designers like Alexander Wang and Miu Miu. I’ve always appreciated the sophisticated looks of Prada however; I prefer a little more funk and edge then classic sophistication. I gravitate more towards neutral and basic pieces which can be layered for different desired looks; I feel Alexander Wang understands this and has created amazing clothing and looks just for me and my closet!

Ashley is all about vintage. (Above) Ash is wearing a 70's hippie white embroidered oaxacan mexican mini dress and American Apparel knee highs.

Vintage 60's mod paisley twiggy shift mini dress.

Wearing another vintage embroidered mini and American Apparel knee highs.

Looking for quality vintage pieces like Ashley wears? Ashley shops American Archive. Love her bracelet? She wears Clover.

Can't get enough of Ashley? Find out more about her and the rest of the Rich, Skinny, Pretty girls here.


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