Editor's Guide to Los Angeles: THREAD Eyebrows on Melrose

Where should a girl get her eyebrows shaped? We've all heard it...eyebrows frame your face therefore it is an absolute must to upkeep your brows. Having your brows shaped is one of the key elements for creating your signature look. It doesn't matter how well-styled the rest of your outfit is if your eyebrows are unkempt. In fact, they can be downright distracting if they are not shaped properly or maintained.

Don't skimp on keeping your brows in tip top shape. My pick? I go to THREAD on Melrose, every time.

Threading is quick with minimal pain (compared to waxing!) and this hip spot is strategically placed on Melrose with late hours open until 11 PM.

Major perk? A sleek ambiance and ultracool playlist get you in the mood for your next stop...wherever it may be, your brows will be looking good.


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