"As she wonders where he's gone. Far away, will they meet again one day?" - Cut Copy

Get acquainted with Ashley.

RSP: Favorite place to shop?

Ash: D.A.V., Buffalo Exchange,any really good consignment shop. Sometimes I feel really overwhelmed in a place like Forever 21 because it's really un-organized so I never know where to start or how to create your own style around 8-thousand of the same items.
RSP: Best bargain…fashion wise?
Ash: Consignment shops are the way to go.

RSP: Favorite lip balm?
Ash: Burt's BeesRSP: What do you do in your spare time?
Ash: In my free time I like to paint, read, spend time with my man and doggie, ride my bike, fly kites, roller skate, driving the coast with my windows down, bowl, hang out with friends and shop.

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